Flows Sheff G Lyrics

By | February 5, 2022

Flows Sheff G Lyrics. Sheff g · song · 2019. My day was rainy, no sunny shit.

Sheff G Respect Lyrics Genius Lyrics
Sheff G Respect Lyrics Genius Lyrics from genius.com

Sheff g] suck me up in court system lying to the judge i'm movin' with same tax, so i heard he wit' it look, slide in the hoopty, we hit him he move suspicious, better. Shooter, shooter, that's shooter gang. Listen to flows on spotify.

(You Ain't Get It Now, You Ain't Get It Now, Look) I Just Keep Switchin' The Flow Up.

Sheff g] tell them, bust a move, got them things with a nigga glocks and the beams with me i get bready, now she wanna hang with a nigga tryna bring all her friends. You wasn't there through the. Look, you wasn't there for the rain.

I Know They Feelin' The Pressure.

If you see more than one roblox code for a single song, don't. Sleepy hallow, 69,591 shazams, featuring on work from home hustle, and walking to work apple music playlists. Sleepy hallow] i know they feelin' the pressure how you finesse a finesser?

You Better Stay In Your Frame, Better You Stay In Your Lane.

[sheff g:] m8v3n, m8v3n gang. Sheff g’s “flows” has found a strong audience with more than 1 million youtube views to date. They funny, don't chill with them.

That's Shooter Gang, Gang, Gang, Gang.

[sheff g] look, i know lately they hatin' on me, got my family dependin' on me niggas pocket watchin', niggas droppin' dots, i can't go jail i got places to be 'member the days we was waitin'. You ain't get a day, but you'll get it now, nigga. From the album “the unluccy luccy kid”.

Say Less, I Know What You Gon' Do For A Lot A Clout.

Bitches ain't wifey material, ain't wifey material, huh. Listen to flows on spotify. Ain't a killer, you ain't shot nobody.

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